last updated 22 Mar 2015

I am currently a research program manager in the Technology for Emerging Markets group within Microsoft Research India Labs in Bangalore.

My projects focus on understanding technology's role in promoting sustained development in emerging markets. My current focus is on technology-supported healthcare administration particularly for Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in India. I have also worked extensively on education projects that leverage technology, both in the classroom and through online learning.


Our paper on 'Blended learning in Indian colleges with Massively Empowered Classroom' was presented at L@S 2015.

We received phase I funding from the Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations for TB Adherence using 99DOTs: Phase I Funding.

We received phase I funding from the IKP GCE from Gates Foundation, IKP, and USAID for TB Adherence using 99DOTs: IKP.